According to the Hartford Courant, police in Middletown, Connecticut actually spoke to the suspect wanted in the murder of Wesleyan student Johanna Justin-Jinich. The suspect, Stephen Morgan, was disguised but took off his clothes and wig after shooting Justin-Jinich in a bookstore's cafe. He "left but did not leave the area. Instead, when Middletown police arrived, he was one of many people milling around the area who police initially questioned. An officer asked for his name and phone number in case they needed to contact him later on and let him go... It wasn't until hours later, when police heard Morgan's name as a possible suspect from Justin-Jinich's family, that they realized they had stopped him outside the bookstore." Justin-Jinich and Morgan knew each other from a 2007 summer program at NYU; Morgan filed a complaint with NYU's Public Safety office, saying Morgan had sent her harassing emails and calls. The Courant also reported that police found Morgan's journal, which "outlined his plan to rape and then kill Justin-Jinich before going on a shooting spree on the Wesleyan campus."