An off-duty undercover NYPD officer participated in Sunday's violent group motorcycle ride and did not intervene when fellow bikers brutally beat the SUV driver who collided with some of the motorcyclists, a source tells the NY Post. The narcotics officer is reportedly a motorcycle enthusiast who belongs to the group First Line Soldiers, which is based in New Rochelle.

The group boasts other NYPD members, and investigators are trying to determine if any other off-duty cops participated in the illegal dirt bike ride. "It is does not appear that he got involved at the scene,” one law enforcement source tells the tabloid, referring to the unnamed undercover cop. "He didn’t want to blow his cover."

It's unclear if the officer's duties included policing the ride, or if he was attending as a civilian. Read the whole thing here, and have a safe weekend—try not to do anything that puts an undercover cop in a position where he has to stand idly by as you get your ass kicked by a mob of enraged bikers.