Last month, a report surfaced that convicted felon/press critic Michael Grimm was thinking about attempting a political comeback. And while Hiram Monserrate's loss suggested that New York voters aren't in a completely forgiving mood, a new report has Grimm soldiering on anyway, with a rally planned at the beginning of October to announce that he's officially back.

NY1 reports that Grimm is planning a rally on October 1st in New Dorp, where he'll announce his intention to challenge Representative Dan Donovan for his seat, which Grimm held before pleading guilty to tax evasion connected to how he ran an Upper East Side health food restaurant.

In the primary, it would appear that Grimm will challenge Donovan from the right, as NY1 points out that Grimm blasted the former Staten Island district attorney as "a liberal Democrat" in a recent interview, due to Donovan's opposition to the AHCA and to stripping federal funding from New York City while it remains a sanctuary city.

And while Grimm might be able to bring a certain seething, grievance-heavy performance that's popular in politics these days, he might have trouble getting support from Staten Island's political leaders, who have vowed to support Donovan and one of whom called Grimm a "total disgrace" and a "sociopath" last month when rumors about his comeback began.