Before he resigned from office, former Rep. Eric Massa was reportedly under investigation for allegedly groping three male staffers, as well as incidents of improper conduct with interns and aides. The southwestern New York Congressman has said he stepped down for a number of reasons including his health, his "salty" language, and because Democratic leaders had launched a conspiracy to force him from the House before the healthcare vote. White House officials have called those allegations "ridiculous."

Three sources familiar with the probe told the Washington Post that allegations against the first-term politician go back at least a year and center around "a pattern of behavior and physical harassment." Politico reports that one of the incidents involving Massa occurred while he and an aide were on a fundraising trip in San Francisco.

The news broke just hours before Massa—who has purportedly become a "conservative media hero" for insulting White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and making allegations about a Democratic conspiracy—is scheduled to appear on Glenn Beck's Fox TV show at 5 p.m. and Larry King's CNN show at 9 p.m. By resigning from his seat, Massa has put himself "outside the reach of the ethics committee," Politico notes.