In an interesting but non-groundbreaking report, it seems that most taxi drivers are immigrants. The Times, knowing how cynical people are, points out that this is the first time real numbers have been found to back up what everyone who rides cabs knows. Taxi travel expert Bruce Schaller released a new study showing that nine out of ten drivers are immigrants, as well as other interesting facts like West Indian drivers are the biggest group driving livery and taxi cabs, Bangladeshis are the biggest immigrant group driving yellow cabs, and Africans are emerging to become more present as well. Schaller tells the news organizations, "Certain immigrant groups have chosen to make taxi and limousine driving their niche business. Just as you have Korean grocers, you have South Asian taxi drivers. It's the classic immigrant story. A few newcomers get started in the business. Their friends and relatives come over and join them in the business." What Gothamist finds interesting is the range of ages and dreams for drivers; some drive for life, finding driving a cab easier than another job, while many are young, in school, with other aspirations. While there are some scary taxi cab stories, we've definitely had a few with some truly interesting drivers - who even know the way to where we're going.

Schaller Consulting has many other interesting taxi cab resources, including the newly released 2004 Taxi Cab Fact Book (PDF).