Democratic City Councilmember

and Manhattan Borough President candidate Robert Jackson frequently travels to the Dominican Republic for charity work. Today the Post reports that one of Jackson's travel companions, 66-year-old Stephen Null, plead guilty to charges stemming from possession of child pornography in 2002.

Null, the director of Friends of Lead Free Children, was ordered to register as a Level 1 sex offender and given six years' probation for possessing videos called "Pre-Teen Trio," "Kid Combo," and "Young Blood Real." At the time, Null testified that he was "forced" to order pornography on the Internet because of the “increasingly restrictive policies of the Giuliani administration.”

Null told the Post that the whole thing is "much worse-sounding than it is."

“My attorney saw one video, only one was opened,” he said. “It was not child porn, but teenagers having a slumber party, and contained no nudity.”

Jackson said he was aware of Null's past: “He said he made a mistake. I don’t know the details. It was resolved from a legal point of view—that’s what he communicated.”

Jackson added, "I have nothing to hide. My work in the Dominican Republic speaks for itself."

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