Oh, we'd thought we'd heard the last of Larry Davis, the horny stoner grandson accused of killing his grandmother and going on a two-day sex romp while her corpse rotted in the bedroom closet under a pile of dirty clothes. You'll recall that LD found infamy at the end of March when concerned relatives searching for his grandmother barged in on him in his granny's bedroom and found him in bed with a prostitute. LD bolted and was on the lam for two weeks before his arrest; police say he subsequently confessed that he became frustrated and killed 72-year-old Cora Davis after he asked for $175 and she only gave him $1. A horrific crime, but police now say it wasn't LD's first murder/corpse stashing.

Davis, 22, was indicted yesterday for murdering a transvestite prostitute in August, the Daily News reports. Prosecutors accuse LD of murdering one Richard McCoy, whom sources describe as a cross-dressing escort. LD is accused of choking McCoy to death during rough sex and then wedging the body under a bed. Sounds like LD to us! Because really, no murder is really complete until the corpse is poorly stashed under a piece of furniture or a pile of clothes. See, a lot of criminals forget that, and that's why their work goes unrecognized.