Shocking claim from British newspaper the Daily Telegraph: Iranian leader (and Holocaust denier) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is Jewish!

The Telegraph reports, "A photograph of the Iranian president holding up his identity card during elections in March 2008 clearly shows his family has Jewish roots"—see photo here—"A close-up of the document reveals he was previously known as Sabourjian - a Jewish name meaning cloth weaver. The short note scrawled on the card suggests his family changed its name to Ahmadinejad when they converted to embrace Islam after his birth.

The Centre for Arab and Iranian Studies' Ali Nourizadeh suggests the Iranian leader could be overcompensating for his past with his vitriol: "By making anti-Israeli statements he is trying to shed any suspicions about his Jewish connections. He feels vulnerable in a radical Shia society."

After Ahmadinejad's speech to the U.N. last month, Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu (during his speech) showed the Nazi's blueprints of an Auschwitz gas chamber to show there was in fact a Holocaust.