The hits keep coming for Comptroller John Liu. His approval ratings are plummeting, the investigations into his campaign finances continue (and continue to look worse) and now he is said to be on "a paranoia-fueled snitch hunt" to the point that he reportedly tore down cubicle walls last week to better prevent his underlings from talking to reporters. Of course, he fervently denies it.

"That’s ridiculous," spokesman Matthew Sweeney told the News when asked about the remodeling. "The space that we’re talking about was in terrible shape, and we had it cleaned up, reconfigured and opened up to foster collaboration and improve work conditions." Okay! But to be fair, since he became Comptroller and established a code of decorum Liu has had problems with workers whispering to the press.

While his office was being tweaked, Liu, who would like to be mayor someday, has had other worries on his mind—and not just that the Department of Education is over spending on parsley. In recent weeks FBI agents have reportedly been delivering subpoenas for a "a broad range of records and other information to a growing circle of Mr. Liu’s more generous donors." Things the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office are looking for reportedly include fund-raising records, like calendars, e-mails, bank statements and canceled checks.

Potential candidates Christine Quinn and Scott Stringer—already relieved that Weiner is out of the race—must be loving this.