Millennials are a lot of things, according to the Internet—they are scared of tax returns, for instance, and obsessed with their phones, and they are very poor, even though some of them seem to have enough money to dye their hair gray, probably because they don't understand taxes. Or something. This week, though, the NY Post declared that though all the media attention on millennials makes it look like they're the World's Most Fascinating Generation, they are really very boring. Oh well!

According to a recent consumer research study, millennials spend an average of 2.7 hours streaming television shows a day, which is a little under an hour more than the amount of time Gen Xers spend doing the same. Millennials also spend about an average of 3 hours a day on their phones—Gen Xers only spend 1.7 hours on their mobile devices—and they're less likely to go out and get schwasted than their elders, with only 19 percent of 2014's high school seniors admitting to binge drinking compared with a 41.4 percent in 1980.

From all this, the Post paints a picture of a lazy, couch-bound generation that's more interested in scrolling through a Twitter feed than socializing with humans IRL. This disturbing trend's been brought up time and time again, but it's hard to know if things are really as dire socially as the media is making them out to be. There is nothing wrong with staying home sometimes. Going out is expensive, it is exhausting, it is repetitive, and after a while sitting at the same bar with the same friends while we all validate each other over $7 beers is more boring than sitting in bed retaking the Slate News Quiz.

Though dating as a millennial—especially in New York City—is its own special brand of hell, the real problem, it seems, is that millennials just aren't spending enough money, even though we eat out an average of 13 times each month, as compared with Gen Xers' average of 8 times a month, and spend a gazillion dollars on craft beer, tattoos, and...snakes. Yes. Snakes.

But when we're "wasting" our free time binge-watching Bojack Horseman and working on our Night Cheese, instead of getting upsold out in the world, we're fucking with the economy. The entire purpose of pigeonholing age groups into "generations" is to figure out how to sell us stuff, so it's no wonder we're getting shamed into going out and spending more money.

Anyway, Gen Z will be way worse, I hope.