Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, already under fire for quashing a fraud investigation into Donald Trump's children regarding sales in the Trump SoHo, was given a large campaign contribution by a Harvey Weinstein-connected attorney after he declined to prosecute the mogul for an alleged groping incident in 2015, according to a new report.

Weinstein, the subject of a recent New York Times report on multiple alleged instances of sexual harassment throughout the years, was investigated for allegedly groping an Italian model at the Tribeca Film Center in 2015. Weinstein was never charged in the case, and at the time Vance's office said that "after analyzing the available evidence, including multiple interviews with both parties, a criminal charge is not supported."

The International Business Times reports that after the case was dropped in April 2015, Vance got a $10,000 donation to his campaign in August of that year from David Boies, one of the attorneys now working with Weinstein in the aftermath of the sexual harassment charges against him. While a spokesperson for Vance told the website that Boies didn't represent Weinstein during that criminal investigation, the site points out that Boies has done work for Weinstein "since at least 2005." A spokesperson for Boies's law firm told the site that Boies had never spoken about Harvey Weinstein with Vance. Boies had donated $55,000 to Vance’s campaigns since he first began running for office in 2008, IBT reports.

Vance is currently running unopposed for a third term in November, and ran without a Republican opponent in his first race in 2009.