The website WalletPop claims to know the 29 safest neighborhoods in America's major cities, and yes, New York has earned a spot in the top.

According to their data, Bedford Avenue—in the 11210 zip code, which seems to be Midwood/Flatlands—is the safest neighborhood in the five boroughs, with the chance of becoming a victim there (in one year) being 1 in 500. In fact, it's safer than 90% of all U.S. neighborhoods! The site says their "exclusive research" actually reveals that some city neighborhoods are indeed safer than rural neighborhoods (duh).

So where did this list come from? Neighborhood crime data based on FBI data from all 17,000 local law enforcement agencies. The site notes that "these same cities are also home to the most dangerous neighborhoods in America," but they don't tell us where those are. WalletPop did, however, tell us back in February that 5th and Park Avenues, from 77th to 84th Street on the Upper East Side were the safest blocks in the city... even though they aren't in the 11210 zip code.