A student who works in the Henry Birnbaum Library at Pace University tells us the library has been shut down so that it can be treated for bedbugs. Our tipster tells us, "I got kicked out of work early because of an 'emergency closing' of the library. I told the librarian i needed a specific reason to give my boss as to why they were closing, and she said 'Don't tell anyone this,' and then whispered 'bed bugs.' " College kids: they just can't keep their traps shut!

The library, which is usually open until 11 p.m. on Monday nights, is currently closed, according to multiple reports. (Calls to the library went unanswered.) On Twitter, one student writes, "I swear to 'god' that if Pace gives me bedbugs i will find a way to get a tuition refund due to emotional distress." And Jeff Muench, a junior at Pace, says, "This is the one time I'm proud to say that I'm glad I don't go to the library as much as some people." That's right, joke's on you, nerds!

A spokesperson for Pace, Chris Cory, could not confirm the bedbug situation, but we'll update if we hear back. If true, this wouldn't be the first time bedbugs to occupied a university library. Last year the Mid-Manhattan New York Public Library at 40th Street had a bit of a bloodsucker problem, and in 2009 the Denver Public Library had to quarantine and fumigate four areas at the main branch because of bed bugs. They ended up having to destroy over 30 rare books.

(Additional reporting by Bethany O'Grady.)