In a completely redundant "shocking state report," the Public Transportation Safety Board says that the bus driver who struck and killed a pedestrian last November could have avoided the accident if he had simply "followed his training." Training that involves teaching drivers not to drive too fast and to pay attention to the road? Avoiding accidents: It's as simple as following driving rules!

Ten year veteran bus driver Jeremy Philhower hit 22-year-old Seth Kahn at the corner of 53rd Street and 9th Avenue as he was making a left turn. The report shows he was going between 10 and 15 mph while making the turn, even though drivers are instructed to not drive above 5 mph while making turns. He also didn't "scan appropriately" for pedestrians.

Philhower had been previously suspended for texting while driving, and the day he hit Kahn was his first day back on the job. Philhower also wrote numerous messages on Facebook about harming pedestrians, saying, "Thinking about how many people I want to kill today, including myself, " and "I hate these people. I want to kick the shit out of them. They're idiots." Are there rules about letting drivers who make repeated violent threats toward pedestrians behind the wheel? Philhower has been out on workers' compensation, citing "stress."