Fresh off their annual Subway Shmutz Survey, the Straphangers Campaign is doing their best to be a buddy to local commuters with the release of "State of the Subways." (They sure do love those s's!) The group analyzes subway performances in a variety of different categories and then breaks them down by individual lines, something that the MTA refuses to do.

The highest marks in the report went to the 7 line, always a player when it comes to these sorts of evaluations. The 7 overtook the L for top ranking in the system. And last place when it came to the cumulative rankings of frequency of scheduled service, regularity of service, delays caused by mechanical breakdowns, seat availability and fewer dirty cars went to the C line. We think that the C deserves permanent deductions just for being one of the trains that fails to cover the length of the platform and makes you run just for living a life on the extremes.

Here are other findings from the report, which has the ratings on each line available if you want to skip to your home train:

  • The L train may have lost its crown due to coming in last place for finding a seat during rush hour (shocker). But it received top marks for cleanliness and most regular service.
  • The F line had the worst cleanliness grades—20% of its cars being judged as not up snuff.
  • The 2 line has the most irregular service with 20% of its trains arriving off-schedule.
  • The most glaring issue across the board is cars breaking down at a rate 10% worse than the year before, the 7 and L trains hovering around that mark as well.
  • Lines that have automated announcements scored perfectly in keeping their passengers adequately informed.

All the trains that have installed line general managers to help things run more smoothly are in fact doing just that. That even provided a rare tone of optimism in these reports since the line management program is set to expand to all trains in the system. The Straphangers said, "Hopefully, the extension of line general managers to all subway routes will result in improved service."