The Citi Bike rumor mill is grinding once more, with word of an additional 4,000 bikes expected to roll onto city streets "soon," the Post reports vaguely.

Is this like the time the Daily News told us that three docking stations were moving to Harlem, only to have confused "bike share racks" with "normal every day bike racks"? The DOT has yet to respond to our request for comment.

In any case, the Post warns, start planning your protest now, before the unfeeling automaton that is the DOT drops a rack or several squarely on top of your prize-winning gardenias/elderly neighbor. The tabloid reports that "targeted" neighborhoods—yes, targeted, just like a real war—include the Upper West and Upper East sides, Cobble Hill and Park Slope, though if we've learned anything from the hoopla of the past, rich people are more adept at getting Citi Bike stations moved than the poors.

Citi Bike's own map bears no mention of the alleged stations. According to the map's legend, "planned" stations are demarcated with a yellow icon—none of which are currently anywhere on the map.