Last year, the Daily News reported that Congressman Gregory Meeks, who represents the 6th District in Queens, took a $40,000 loan from a local businessman without any paperwork—and allegedly without any interest or a repayment schedule—in 2007. While he paid it back, Meeks admitted that it was an "oversight" that he didn't list it on his disclosure forms. Well, now a Congressional investigative report suggests that he probably did violate federal law.

According to the Daily News, Meeks didn't cooperate with the investigation. Still, the Office of Congressional Ethics found, "There appears to be no evidence that there were any normal (signs) of a legitimate loan under House rules," and says that given the lack of "evidence that any interest rate was set at all, in writing or otherwise, when he received the money from [Edul] Ahmad," that $40,000 "appears to have been a gift."
The OCE declared there was "substantial reason" to believe Meeks broke the law by not reporting this "gift."

The House Ethics Committee is going to investigate the matter further, but Meeks' lawyers say "the ethics office had no right to examine the issue of the 2007 "loan" because it didn't begin operations until March 2008."