Rep. Peter King (R-Long Island), who is a ranking member of the Homeland Security Committee, has unleashed a torrent of criticism towards the Obama administration regarding its handling of the alleged attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines flight that landed in Detroit on Christmas Day. He told WCBS 2, "I'm disappointed it's taken the president 72 hours to even address this issue. Basically nobody, the president, the vice president, the attorney general, nobody except Secretary Napolitano has come out. And she said yesterday everything worked well."

He added, "What I hope the president would do is treat this in a bi-partisan way, acknowledge that mistakes were made and promise we'll do all we can to make sure it doesn't happen again... He should stop immediately the thought of sending any more Guantanamo detainees back to Yemen. Right now he's planning on sending 12 of these detainees to Yemen, and Yemen seems to be centrally involved in this case and seems to be a real hotbed of terrorist activity."

King also told Fox News that the White has been very closed when it comes to information about the incident, "It's very hard, even for me being on the Homeland Security Committee and the Intelligence Committee, to get any information out of this administration. We're still trying to find out what happened at Ft. Hood, they won't give us information on that."