Republicans love to skewer President Obama about his need for a teleprompter—after all, why would a politician ever want things to go as scripted? It was in this spirit that Dudley Do-Right chinned star of American Dad Brooklyn/Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm cast aside pre-approved questions for the real thing at a town hall meeting for constituents yesterday. Shockingly, as the Wall Street Journal reports, it devolved into a wall of "cheers and boos," with Grimm threatening two women with being "escorted out."

With supporters and detractors jostling for decibels in the room, Grimm, a Republican, had a tough time being heard and an ever tougher time convincing the doubters that George W. Bush had little to do with the current deficit. He responded to these claims by saying, "This year's deficit is due to George W. Bush? That's insanity! That's insane!" Yes, where does one get such fantastical notions?

Grimm has recently been under scrutiny for a story in the New Yorker scheduled to be published this week that profiles his time as an FBI agent. In an excerpt of the article given to Politico, a NYPD officer responded to an altercation at a nightclub in Queens where the estranged husband of Grimm's date confronted the couple. The officer claimed "[Grimm] said to me, 'thanks a lot man, he don't know who he's fucking with…I'll fucking make him disappear where nobody will find him." After reassuring the folks in the nightclub that "the FBI is in control," Grimm then waved his gun and said "All the white people get out of here," which is probably closer to the actual definition of "insane" than an argument over the deficit.

Grimm says the allegations are—you guessed it—"insane," and that "I was a hundred per cent by the book and fully exonerated" in the FBI's internal investigation of the incident. His constituents at the meeting also seemed more focused on his policy, with one saying "Grimm voted for the Republican budget that will cut Medicare for folks like my mom, me eventually, my wife…we're here because we're worried about the country, not whatever happened when he was an FBI agent." You can see a clip of the meeting below in all its shoutyness:

courtesy of NY1.

Republican Congressman Gets an Earful in Brooklyn:

By the way, Grimm said he still supported Rep. Paul Ryan's controversial budget plan while the feisty crowd said "We watch C-Span. We know what goes on in Congress."