GTL advocate

and Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm is "not a fair-weather friend." This is why he gave felon and ex-con Carlos Luquis, who worked as an FBI agent alongside Grimm, the position of "Director" at his Texas-based company Austin Refuel.

Luquis was convicted in 2006 of bilking a major Texas electricity grid manager out of $2 million, in addition to exaggerating his involvement in the 9/11 terrorist probe on his resume. As one prosecutor puts it, Luquis "exploited the national tragedy for personal gain, and for his crimes he served 2 years of a 12 year sentence. Now, working for Austin Refuel, a business associate tells the Daily News that Luquis "was in charge" during their time together. "He was doing all the leg work. He was going to all the consultants," she says. He also spells his name "Luklz" when conducting business. Oh, that "Luklz:" he's a convicted fraud kidder!

Grimm, who now owns 28% of Austin Refuel after stepping down as CEO once he was elected, tells the paper via email that he "contracted Carlos because he was a friend that needed a hand in getting back on his feet." Because Luquis "served this country honorably for approx 16 years, he earned a second chance." Absolutely. What "Luklz" did in the past is now just LOLz.