2005_08_bozoclown.jpgSnap - even 80 year-old clowns can get nailed by rent stabilization laws. Larry Harmon, the man who owns the license for Bozo the Clown, now must pay twice his old rent when his landlord realized Harmon's Manhattan apartment wasn't his main residence. The Daily News says Harmon had been paying $1,718.27 for a two-bedroom at 60 West 57th Street for 37 years, but his primary residence is California. Harmon signed a 4-year lease at $3600 a month, but there's no word on rent arrears. Harmon told the News that most of his time is on the road, entertaining, and that he'll leave the apartment once the lease is up. Let's see, in 2009, we expect the rent to be around, oh, $4500. But don't feel too bad for Harmon: He also owns the licensing to Laurel and Hardy.