Hey, speaking of decreasing affordable housing stock: Rent-stabilized tenants in the recently re-branded Flatbush Gardens complex — a massive 59-building development in East Flatbush once known as the Vanderveer Estates — claim the owner of the property has intentionally shirked on repairs in an effort to push out long-time residents and replace them with market-rate renters. "You call, but they never come to fix anything," one tenant told the Daily News. "But when someone moves out, they renovate everything."

Tenants contend that their complaints about faulty electric sockets and cracks in floors have gone ignored for more than a year. A spokesman for Clipper Equity — which purchased the 10,000-resident complex for $140-million in 2005 — insisted that the company's "maintenance team purposefully and successfully works through all repair requests," and that the landlord recently spent $10 million on upgrades including new elevators, intercom systems and playgrounds. Tenants said those changes were merely cosmetic.