2003_9_w38.jpgTo the delight of landlords and the disappointment of tenants, the city lost about over 7,000 rent-stablilized apartments as more apartments were decontrolled. According the Rent Guidelines Boards (and the Post), "apartments that reach rents of $2,000 or more a month are automatically decontrolled at vacancy" - due to a provision in a law from 1994 that marks $2,000 as the magic number for decontrolling. There are still 1,013,954 rent-stabilized apartments in the city (while there are about 50,000 rent-controlled apartments). The difference between rent-stabilized and rent-controlled is clearly outlined here.

Of course, while living in a rent-controlled/stabilized apartment is a great deal, what is not great are landlords who will do anything to get you out. Gothamist on various apartment dramas.