Meet (or revisit) Jimmy McMillan: retired postal office worker, Vietnam veteran, former stripper, and Mayoral candidate. His party is the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, which features one of THE best websites in the universe by loudly and proudly confirming the obvious: "There Is Nothing Else To Talk About! We apologize for the bad grammar. But... your rent is still too damn high." Woah, how did he even know that? The psychic McMillan would have a complete lock on the election, but a certain someone is obviously a little threatened, and so the Board of Elections is turning up the heat.

Today the Times catches up with the 62-year-old McMillan and finds the contender under attack by the government. The Man ordered him to drop that un-Christian oath "damn" from his party, supposedly because of some rule that a candidate’s party name must be 15 characters or fewer. But McMillan knows the drill, and explains, "They’re doing it for a religious or moral reason." He offered to change the "Too" to a "2" as a compromise, but the Board refused, and McMillan was "outraged." Well, more outraged... if that's even possible.

The Rent Is Too High Party just doesn't have the same flavor at all, but that's what's going on the ballots in November. McMillan has a meeting with the Board of Elections today, but it appears the decision can't be reversed, because absentee ballots have already been printed. But whatever happens, he'll always have the full name of his party tattooed on his bicep and painted on his silver Honda CRV. In conclusion, McMillan adds, "I want people to know rent is too damn high."