2006_10_groundzero.jpgFive years after September 11, there are three big stories: The state of development, the health of rescue workers, and what may remain of the victims. Unsurprisingly, the city's renewed search for remains at the World Trade Center site has yielded finding more remains. Yesterday, additional manholes were excavated and sifting the debris. Fifteen more pieces of remains were found; last Thursday, about 80 bones and bone fragments were found, along with wallets, ID cards and even shoes. People say that the temporary road at the site was built using fill from "The Pile", the massive amount of debris from the World Trade Center's wreckage.

And remains-searches in neighboring buildings such as Fiterman Hall and 130 Cedar Street have never occured, because of toxic dust inside. In the case of the 130 Cedar Street, debris seems to have been removed before a search, possibly because it had asbestos in it.