Yesterday, someone uploaded renderings of a proposed MLS stadium at Pier 40 on Manhattan's west side to Reddit. But what does it mean? Does it mean moneybags new team, NYC FC, is looking for a new home in Manhattan?

Our Dan Dickinson reached out for comment from Dan Courtemanche, MLS EVP of Communications, who confirmed, "This rendering was a conceptual design that Major League Soccer produced when considering Pier 40 as a potential soccer stadium." Now, the question is when "when" was—last year? Last week? There has been community uproar about a MLS stadium in Flushing, Queens (the plan seems dead) and there's support from the Bronx Borough President to put one in his borough.

Pier 40, the crumbling pier at Houston and the Hudson River, needs about $200 million in repairs. A new stadium would costs hundreds of millions more.

While some Redditors were excited ("Geez. I got quite the shiver down my spine just thinking about it. Seriously needs to happen" and "This would be the most impressive stadium for MLS or any other sports in US history. Nothing can top this location"), others weren't very impressed with the stadium's design: One Redditor, drballoonknot, compared it to a toilet seat.