Quick! Name the tallest building on the Upper West Side. Don't worry if you can't, and trash that obscure bit of knowledge if you can because it will soon be obsolete. New renderings shared by New York YIMBY show that 200 Amsterdam Avenue will rise an imposing 666 feet over the neighborhood, crowning it the tallest building on the Upper West Side. It may not sound like much when you think of places like Billionaires Row as a comparison, but on the other hand it's like dropping half an Empire State Building down on the UWS.

The 666-foot 200 Amsterdam Avenue will be filled with 112 apartments averaging more than 3,000 square feet, according to YIMBY. There's no word on a completion date for the building or what the units rent for, but rest assured that unless the wildest de Blasio's New York fever dreams of the New York Post and Curtis Sliwa come true, you won't be able to afford the building's penthouse, which will be 601 feet above the ground. On the other hand, you can console yourself with the knowledge that whoever it is won't ever get a profile in the Times Magazine because they don't live high enough above us plebes.

Other observers have noted that the building is replacing a synagogue and claim that it's ironic and ominous that it will be doing that while also coming out to 666 feet. Not to get all Hebrew school on anyone, but the Bible verse that established 666 being the bad number, "Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is 666," is from the Book of Revelation, which is from the Christian New Testament. Jews, we don't much fear the Number of the Beast, unless it's a particularly bad karaoke performance of it. If you want to focus on the numerology of the building, we suggest noting that 200 Amsterdam will be between West 68th Street and West 69th Street, which is a nice place to be no matter what your faith.