remy.jpgRemy Ma, the female rapper who was suspected in a shooting early Saturday morning shortly after leaving Pizza Bar in the Meatpacking District, turned herself in and was questioned by police. According to The New York Times, Ma and the victim were arguing inside Pizza Bar, where they were attending a birthday party, about $3,000 that was missing from the rapper's purse. Makeda Barnes-Joseph––the woman who would eventually get shot––left the party with the rest of the group and got into her Nissan Maxima while Ma got into her Cadillac Escalade. Police believe the shooter got into Barnes-Joseph's car, shot her twice in the abdomen, and retreated to the Escalade, which sped off and crashed two blocks from the scene of the shooting.

The New York Post says that Makeda Barnes-Joseph, who is in stable condition at St. Vincent's Hospital, identified Remy Ma as her shooter. The rapper was charged with attempted murder shortly after turning herself in yesterday at 8 pm. The Daily News notes that Ma has been arrested before on gun, assault, and other charges. It also includeds a quote from the accused shooter that she liked to avoid violence. "'At the end of the day, I'm a girl,' she said. 'It's not like I roll up and shoot up everybody.'"