Remember last year when the MTA decided to try an experiment and remove the platform trash cans from the Eighth Street on the N/R lines and Main Street on the 7 line stations? At the time we were all kind of skeptical that it might actually lead to a reduction in station trash. Well, aren't we pleasantly surprised: It apparently has been working!

According to transit officials, "Cleaners have been bagging less trash from platforms and tracks at the two stops" since the cans went away. The News even found formally skeptical straphangers who now support the idea: "I was against it at first, but I think it has worked well," a 63-year-old credit union manager from Brooklyn said. "I thought it would create a lot of junk, but it looks better."

So now the question is if and when the MTA follows through and expands the program to other stations in the system. The MTA currently hauls 14,000 tons of trash a year, so cutting back on that could be good for the bottom line. As for when that might happen, the MTA is currently keeping its cans close.