The remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole, currently plowing across Central Florida are expected to drench the New York metro area starting early Friday morning.

Rainstorms will hit New York Friday with light winds, giving way to heavier gusts throughout the day.

Rain will continue to fall and thunderstorms are possible Friday night, throughout the day Saturday with anywhere from .85 to 1.5 inches falling, according to the National Weather Service. The heaviest rainfall is expected Friday evening.

No flood watches or warnings had been issued by the National Weather Service as of Thursday morning, though meteorologists warned some areas offshore of New Jersey and Long Island could see strong winds.

In addition to heavy rains, the storm is expected to bring with it warmer temperatures, nearly reaching 70 degrees Friday and Saturday.

But that warmth will be short-lived, with temperatures dipping back into the 40’s Saturday night. The storm is expected to move through the area by that night, leaving sunny skies Sunday, with temperatures only managing to climb into the low 50’s.