In an effort to drive up public awareness for "Elle's Law", a new driving law giving harsher punishments to drivers who hit pedestrians while driving recklessly, the state is unveiling an ad campaign with catchy slogans like “Reckless Driving Wrecks Lives,” “Children Break… When Drivers Don’t,” and “She Almost Died For A Parking Space."

The last one will feature a picture of the law's namesake, a four-year-old girl who was seriously injured last September by a reckless driver backing down a UES street to find a parking spot. Elle's mother said, "I am proud that Elle’s Law will help protect the millions of students across New York state who are heading back to school this month, as well as pedestrians of all ages." After the accident, Elle spent eight months in the hospital, and is still recovering from massive brain trauma. The driver, Jose Castaneda, was issued a traffic ticket.

Paterson signed the bill into law two weeks ago. Drivers who injure pedestrians due to reckless driving could lose their licenses for six months, and repeat offenders could lose them for up to a year.