How quickly a year goes by: The Westboro Baptist Church, paramours of a particularly hysterical brand of hatred, are back in town tomorrow, protesting at synagogues, Jewish centers and LGBT events across the city. Along for the ride with their anti-semitic, anti-homosexual rhetoric will be plenty of counter-protests; hopefully they will be able to liberate Ozzy Osboure's songs from their clutches. In case you're in the area and are interested in joining the counter-protests, Westboro are expected to be protesting outside these locations in Brooklyn—Chabad of Kensington (1:30-2:00PM), Yeshiva Torah Temimah (1:30-2:00PM), Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin (2:15-2:45PM)—and Manhattan—Hebrew Union College (3:30-4PM) and Tribeca Rooftop (5:15-6PM—the PFLAG awards are being held there).