Photo via shrued's flickr

A Reddit poster put up a PSA on the site, simply stating: "Got a $75 ticket for walking between subway cars." Yep, them's the rules (it's in violation to "move between end doors of a subway car whether or not train is in motion, except in an emergency or when directed by police officer or conductor"). And those doors are often left unlocked... making it so very tempting to the subway scofflaw.

The fine is 75 bucks, and as the poster notes, if you don't mail it in you have to go to the MTA arbitration in Brooklyn to pay in person, you can also request a hearing to dispute it.

When the walking between cars rule was put into effect in 2005, the city admitted, "It is, from time to time, convenient to absent oneself from a car or from a particular group of people." So, why else do people walk between cars, when it can be so very dangerous? Let's turn to the Reddit board! Here is what some people posted about the illegal activity:

  • All I know is every time I see someone walk between cars, they intend to somehow disrupt my commute.
  • People pee while standing between the cars.
  • I've gone between the cars exactly 3 times. And all three times it was to vomit because I was sickly drunk.

Of course, there are some more reasons, like getting away from someone, or some smell, or fleeing the car because a group of annoying teenagers are on it, or because you are a teenager and that's just what you do.

But wait a second, are you guys really peeing in between subway cars?