While you're off gallavanting to the beach for some good food or taking long bike rides Memorial Day weekend, don't forget to say a temporary goodbye to a beloved friend. That is if you live off of the Prospect Av R stop and you have a particular fondness for the stop, because shortly after we get back from the long weekend, it's going under for 6 months for a facelift.

Like the 53rd Street and Bay Ridge Av stations before it, the Prospect Av station is going to shut down for 6 months starting Monday, June 5 so that contractors can go in and do uninterrupted work on the station's appearance. When the bandages are removed, the station will feature new benches, improved lighting and digital signage, fancy granite floors and USB ports, which are the most important feature in any subway station.

Times sure have changed since the first R station shutdown for the MTA's "Enhanced Station Initiative," though. While back in April the subway was maybe only subject to the occasional devastating blackout, the hits have just kept coming lately, and everyone is suddenly getting angry about Governor Cuomo pretending he doesn't run the MTA and then spending money on big projects that look nice instead of less visible but extremely necessary things like new switches.

Anyway, If you were going to get around by using the Prospect Av stop, the 4th Av-9th St and the 25th St R stops will be open for your convenience during the construction. Or, you can take the B37 or B63 buses.