The ASPCA wants people to know that if they head to emergency shelters for evacuees, they can bring their pets. However, there are no "City of New York" pet beds (the way the humans have "City of New York" cots and blankets), so here are tips for pet owners:

Bring: 1) a copy of the pet’s vaccination and medical records; 2) a leash and muzzle; 3) a crate or carrier; and 4) pet food and medications for animals with special needs. The ASPCA adds that it, Animal Care & Control, Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, Bideawee, and NYC Veterinary Emergency Response Team, as part of the NYC Office of Emergency Management's Animal Planning Task Force, "have committed resources that include veterinary support, search and rescue, supplies, staff, volunteers, and sheltering in the days ahead." Which makes NYC evacuation shelters way cooler than Jersey City ones, which are NOT welcoming pets.

We also had some other tips about evacuating with pets; the ASPCA has further details on being prepared pet owners during disasters.