Tomorrow night is New Year's Eve and though the town seems empty now, New York City, and Times Square especially, will soon be filled with celebrating folks. So naturally, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly wants people to remember to please, not fire their firearms into the sky to celebrate 2012. "Obviously, we urge people not to do that. The bullets come down and hit people," he told reporters Thursday. Guns aren't firecrackers!

But wait, people besides Yosemite Sam really do that? Yes, says Kelly, though he wouldn't elaborate beyond saying, "We’ve seen that happen in years gone by."

Beyond telling people not to shoot their guns in the air, Kelly and his boss, Mayor Bloomberg, ask people to not drink and drive on the big night, which, yeah. And don't fret, of course Times Square is going to be surrounded by cops with bomb-sniffing pooches and security check points. Because a hurt Bieber or Gaga (or Bloomberg) would certainly be an ominous way to get the new year started.