Gothamist is interested in adding long-form non-fiction features to our website. Since we're new to this game, we're going to dip our toes in the water slowly, by publishing a single feature next month.

How it will work: We will pay one journalist $5,000 to write a long-form non-fiction piece in the 5,000 to 15,000 word range. Subject: Something relevant to our audience of over one million 20-36 year-old readers in New York, timely but with a shelf-life longer than a week. We're open to any topic, although we would like something that could be well-illustrated with photos or infographics.

We'll cover the editing and production and then publish the piece to the various eBook singles platforms (Kindle, Apple, etc.) with a reasonable price: $1 to $3. Then we'll handle advertising the piece on our NYC site. If this experiment makes a profit, we'll share them with the writer once we've recouped our initial costs. Will this work? We're not sure—but we want to find out.

Details: Please send proposals to— a standard pitch letter is fine. Also, please include a few links to past features you've written. Deadline for pitches is Friday, July 1. We'll select a proposal by July 8th, and we hope to have the piece published by the end of the month.