Is it just us, or does yesterday's earthquake already seem a distant memory? We didn't even feel it over at Gothamist headquarters, but apparently many other people did, so we're probably just being insensitive. Though the epicenter was 300 miles north on the border of Ontario and Quebec, we were treated to 30 seconds of tremors in NYC. In downtown Brooklyn, NY1 spoke with some locals who felt the earth move under their feet. "Some of our chairs were shaking, some of our fans began making strange noises," said one. "Many of us decided to leave the building at that point." And in Manhattan, one Dave Steinberg said, "For about twenty seconds the building was just swaying, it was absolutely incredible."

Seismologists say yesterday's experience was hardly uncommon, and there will probably be more to come! The last big one was over 120 years ago, and the epicenter was on Rockaway Beach. A 2008 Columbia University study noted that the city has several fault lines (including one along 125th Street), and we're due for a quake in the 5.0 or higher range. Is your child safe from earthquakes? Tune in at 11.