2008_10_scarlettcat.jpgLast week, Scarlett the cat, who captured the hearts of the city and the world, passed away. In 1996, firefighters responded to a burning garage in Brooklyn and noticed a cat carrying her kittens out of danger, one kitten at a time. The mother cat, named Scarlett for her red patches of fur, was seriously burned on her eyes, ears and face, and collapsed after bringing them all out; the six kittens were also injured from smoke. She was taken to the North Shore Animal League and, after thousands of adoption inquiries, Scarlett came to live with Brooklyn resident Karen Wellen. Wellen, who wanted a special needs cat because she was recovering from a car accident, said she couldn't stop crying about Scarlett's death, which came after hospitalization for a number of issues. She also told the Daily News, "She was the most precious and loving cat, and in our household, it was all about Scarlett."