The past two days have been a bit of a whirlwind, what with the massive amount of snow that was dumped on us yesterday (AKA blizzageddon, or the Great Boxing Day Blizzard of 2010). So we thought we'd take a moment to catch our breath, look at some pretty pictures and review what's been going on.

The storm first hit our radar on Christmas and by the start of Boxing Day we were officially on notice. As the snow started to fall on Boxing Day we looked in on snow day activities, listened out for thundersnow, spotted some subway snow and kept watching the radar.

Today, once the snow was done falling, we wondered who was going to venture outside just as we found out about folks for whom that wasn't even a concern: they'd been stuck on the subway all night!

Not surprisingly we spent a lot of time concerned with transportation (or lack thereof) durring a blizzageddon. Airports being closed didn't really surprise us, but the MTA flat out telling us to stay home raised an eyebrow. Of course with so much snow in the stations, who can blame them? Meanwhile Bloomberg and the city tried desperately to save face amidst a real disaster of emergency planning.

Speaking of transportation... We saw many examples today of why you did not want to be on the road. Everything from plows blocked by other plows to exploded taxis, dozens of buses blocked by other buses to exploded buses. So much stuff stuck in the snow! Not to mention snow biking!

And there was fun too. We tried to watch live streams of snowball fights (anybody get that to work?), looked at cute animals in the snow and laughed at the annual polar bear swim as well as at our local weathercasters. And some folks waited on line for burgers in the snow ("It was snowerrific." a commenter reported). All of which makes us want to throw a "the snow is too damn high!" party...

But all things must come to an end and with the weather looking to warm up, much of the snow should be gone by the weekend. Which is about when we expect to see plows make it to our block. Where is Mr. Plow when you need him?