Wasn't your post-Blizzard commute great this morning? OK, so it's not like the MTA could have done anything about a massive, city-wrecking snowstorm, but we're sure you're not itching to reward them for those 32 hours underground with even more money. Too bad. The new MTA fare hikes will go into effect on Thursday, featuring the $104 monthly MetroCard and $1 MetroCard surcharge to go into effect sometime in 2011.

A few straphangers who haven't yet reached the acceptance stage complained to various news outlets. David Seid told the Post, "We're paying higher fares for worse service. I'm absolutely outraged. I haven't had a raise in three years. You don't do this when people are hurting." And Crystal Norman said she could barely afford a montly MetroCard as it is. "You can't get ahead. There's always another bill, something costing more. It's misery." Gene Russianoff of the Straphangers Campaign said, "The MTA must use the inflation rate for Venezuela in setting price increases on unlimited-ride MetroCards."

But the MTA says it's not that bad! They remind the negative Nancies that they were "able to stick to the revenue increase of 7.5%, which had been agreed upon with the Legislature in 2009, through unprecedented cost cutting initiatives." That's good, right? Take comfort in the fact that you can still get from Fordham to Coney Island for $2.25, and you can currently build snowmen in many of the stations.