2007_05_heraldsq.jpgWhat does the future of the Fulton Street Mall look like? If the Bloomberg administration and Downtown Brooklyn Partnership have their way, it'll look less gritty and more like Herald Square and Bryant Park in Manhattan. The Post has details on the city's $18 million investment to re-make the Fulton Street and Albee Square mall areas nicer.

The Fulton Street mall will get the new bus shelters and benches, with more "lighting and trees," while Albee Square will get 10,000 square feet of green space. The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership's president, Joseph Chan, said, "The goal is to not only to create a place where people can hang out but a place where summer events and programming can be hosted. There can be movable seating like at Bryant Park [in Manhattan]."

Chan said a "big problem" with Fulton Street Mall - which attracts 100,000 shoppers a day - is its "physical environment is outdated and not welcoming from a shopping standpoint."

Other downtown streetscape improvements are also in the works for two corridors leading into Brooklyn - via the Manhattan Bridge to Flatbush Avenue and the Brooklyn Bridge to Boerum Place - and at the BAM Cultural District. Later this month, construction will kick off on a new quarter-mile boulevard along Boerum Place from Fulton Street to Atlantic Avenue, extending a continuous planted median from the Brooklyn Bridge to Atlantic Avenue.

The improvements will also make it easier for pedestrians to cross.

We totally agree with what Chan says about the Fulton Street Mall; we're curious to see what kind of businesses will be drawn back to the area with the improvements from the city. Could trips to Midtown become less necessary if certain stores open up?

Construction will begin next year, and the Post reminds us that the city's plan to remake Flatbush Avenue will begin construction this year.

Photograph of Herald Square by Chris in Philly on Flickr