Police discovered human remains in a 55-gallon drum filled with hardened concrete yesterday, and believe it may be a NJ mom who has been missing for over a month. DNA testing will determine whether the remains are that of 32-year-old Randy "Amanda" Lehrer, who was reported missing on August 17 after an argument with her husband. But police call the find a “significant development”, and investigators have spoken with Lehrer’s parents and corroborated a tattoo on the body: "Laugh Now Cry Later."

The remains were found in the basement of the apartment building in Jersey City where Lehrer lived with her husband Stephen Acuna and their 11-month old daughter. Acuna has refused to cooperate with police thus far in the investigation: “We have been delayed, because of a lack of cooperation on his part, has forced us to seek court orders, subpoenas and warrants to do our job,” Jersey City police chief Tom Comey told CBS.