frazier.jpgNow that Carlos Cruz is sitting on Rikers Island, charged with paying $1,000 to have his cousin murder his ex-girlfriend in front of their son, the remorse is flowing. Cruz gave a jailhouse interview to the Daily News, "It wasn't supposed to happen like that. I was just trying to scare her."

Cops say that Cruz held Chelsea Frazier by the hair, so his cousin could get good clean stationary shots at her torso as Frazier recoiled in fear. (She was hit seven times.) However, now Cruz is bemoaning that if only he had five more seconds to think about it, he would've called off the murder. Of course, during the shooting, Cruz allegedly chased after his cousin to remind him to shoot him in the leg, to make it look like a robbery gone bad.

Cruz, consumed with jealousy and anger, said the decision to ask his cousin to kill her was "in a dark, strange way...the only way that made my heart better." Still, Cruz told the News, "When the ambulance came to get us they had to pry my hands off of her. I knew the baby was okay. I was just worried about her."