Regis Philbin, who has been hosting a version of Live with Regis and a Lady for 25 years, announced on Live with Regis and Kelly today that he will be retiring sometime early this fall. The 79-year-old pro has been a consistent TV presence for decades (he has the Guinness World Record for most hours on camera) and the Live franchise, which started syndicating nationally with Kathie Lee Gifford in 1988, has been his rock. As opposed to a little something called Who Wants to be a Millionaire, which was his golden goose.

Details of his retirement are still being worked out, but we wonder if producers will replace Philbin with the same kind of open audition process they used to replace Kathie Lee. Or maybe they'll just use one of the guys who generally in for Regis on Fridays? We always liked Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa's banter. Though we totally wouldn't be surprised to see Kelly just make the whole thing a family affair and bring on her hubby Mark Consuelos. We'll find out, we guess. In the meantime, congrats to the Reege! We're sure this will make Joy happy.

And here's video of the announcement: