Yesterday morning, reggae artist Major Mackerel was slashed by a neighbor who thought that Mackerel had harassed his wife. And the neighbor, Oliver Joseph, used a 26-inch samurai sword to get his point across.

According to the NY Times, cops received a call about an incident on East 91st Street in East Flatbush: At 8 a.m., "They found Mr. Dixon 'with lacerations to the head, arm and hand,'" and arrested Joseph for charged with assault with intent to cause a serious injury, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. Cops also took the sword.

Mackeral's girlfriend, who saw the altercation unfold in their building's hall, said the men were arguing over the weapon at one point—and that she tried to take seize the weapon as well. She also told the Daily News, "He was saying [Mackerel] was harassing his wife. But] he doesn't mess with his wife. I don't know why he said that."

Mackerel did admit to the News that his friends may have cat-called Joseph's wife. But, in spite of the attack and ensuing hospital visit, he was positive after the event, waxing philosophical to the News, "I don't feel bad. These things happen...It's a Jamaican thing... How can I feel bad for someone who tried to kill me?"