Channel 7's Tappy Phillips wants answers about that Tavern on the Green debacle that went down on Halloween night. To recap: the restaurant pointed the finger at the promoters, who in turn pointed the finger at scalpers who pushed the event over capacity and advertised the wrong start time. As a result, thousands more than expected showed up to the restaurant and stood around for hours trying to get in. Because what else are you going to do in New York City on Halloween? The cops eventually shut the party down at 1:30 a.m., about an hour after it started. But don't worry, Tappy's on it!

We heard from Tavern on the Green's Shelley Clarke, who said that valid ticket holders will receive refunds. Instructions and apologies can be found after the jump.

Event promoter Alex & Leo Entertainment, Inc. have established a refund procedure for valid ticketholders to the “Halloween on the Green” event held at Tavern on the Green on Saturday night, October 31, 2009. The event had to be shut down by the New York Police Department due to overcrowding conditions caused by the sale of hundreds of counterfeit tickets by unauthorized promoters.

Alex & Leo Entertainment will be responsible for organizing the refunds requested by valid ticket holders through the following procedures:

(1) Those who purchased valid tickets to the event online using either a credit card or PayPal may request a refund directly from the online ticket seller.

(2) Those who purchased valid tickets using cash should email their refund requests to Each request must include a copy of the ticket(s) purchased, together with the place and date of purchase, as well as the ticket holder’s mailing address. Alex & Leo Entertainment will process each such request within four weeks of receipt.

The Halloween event was ruined when hundreds of partygoers - unknowingly holding counterfeit tickets - arrived two hours early for the event, creating long lines for admission and depriving many revelers holding legitimate tickets entry to Tavern on the Green. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries at the event, but the New York Police Department shut down the party at about 1:30 a.m.- before the situation became unsafe.

“We have promoted thousands of parties in New York since 1994, and this is the first time something like this has happened,” said Leo Baskin, president of Alex & Leo Entertainment, Inc. “With the advances in photocopying and Internet commerce, counterfeit tickets have become a real problem in the industry. We will be modifying our ticket sale policies to avoid such a situation in the future. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience this situation has caused our customers and our business partners.”