2008_04_curses.jpgGiven that only time will tell, it may be a little premature to proclaim the new, currently under construction Yankee Stadium cursed. But the NY Post suggested just that, as two workers from the concrete crew claim a Red Sox fan buried a Sox shirt.

Two worried workers told the Post, with one explaining, "In August, a Red Sox T-shirt was poured in a slab in the visitor's clubhouse. It's the curse of the Yankees. Nobody knows about it. It's in the floors, it's buried," while another said, "I don't want to be responsible for sinking the franchise."

Co-owner of Red Sox bar Professor Thom's Chris Wertz thinks the locker room will be "torn up and relaid right away." Peter Nash, the author of a book about Red Sox fans, thinks there's actually a different curse, "The Yankees haven't won since [Alex Rodriguez] came to their game. There's probably more to that than a T-shirt."

The Yankees' thoughts? Spokesman Howard Rubenstein said, "It sounds like a tall tale, and it would take more than a Red Sox T-shirt to put a curse on the Yankees."