Was a Red Sox pitcher rattled yesterday because he was served child-support papers before he started in a big game for the struggling team who are grasping at straws trying to hold on to their slim lead on the AL wild card? Or was it more because the process server was dressed in pin-stripes?

Pitcher Erik Bedard was served court papers from Massachusetts Probate and Family Court at Fenway Park at 3 p.m. yesterday on behalf of Bedard’s ex-girlfriend, Courtney Roberts. His process server was Tom Cabral, a lifelong Yankees fan who wore a Yankee shirt while he served Bedard. “When I walked in, I was like, ‘I’m a Yankees fan, but I’m not trying to [give you a hard time],’ I told him that and said, ‘Sorry, I’ve got to do this.’ But he said it was no problem. I handed him the copies of all the documents and he signed them," Cabral told the Post.

Despite leading the game 5-4 more of the way, the Sox ended up losing the game to the lowly Baltimore Orioles 7-5. Boston is only two games ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays, who have two more games left in the season than they do. Both teams will play the Yankees again before the end of the regular season, as well.

While Cabral doesn't think his presence made much of an impact on Bedard, some in the organization weren't so sure: “[The Red Sox] legal department was joking with me about it. they were saying, ‘That’s why you’re so adamant about doing it today—you’re a Yankees fan.’ ”