We're used to a certain flashy standard when it comes to our best bank robbers—the Darth Vaders and Bouquet Bandits are practically legendary at this point. So even if the red skeleton mask-wearing robber who went on a Brooklyn bank robbery spree this week doesn't quite live up to those sartorial standards, at least he made up for it in pure enthusiasm: “Trick or treat, give up the cash or I will kill you, bitch motherf--ker,” he allegedly told one bank teller.

The perp, who was later identified as 20-year-old Kevin Crawford, started the spree on Tuesday when he allegedly struck the Dime Savings Bank in Williamsburg. He tried to open an account with a check written out for only 17 cents, and when he was rejected, he became furious at the teller. He came back a short while later in his mask, and got away with $1,960.

Then on Wednesday, he allegedly hit the Emigrant Savings Bank on Myrtle Avenue in Fort Greene, but walked away empty handed. Later that day, he broke into another bank where he yelled “Happy f--king Halloween!" at the teller. He ended up getting $8,000 there, but several witnesses followed him out the door and surrounded him. Crawford was held by Borough Park Shomrim volunteers until police arrived. He has now been charged with robbery and attempted robbery.

NY Post commenter Rick Deramo delighted in the takedown of Crawford, relishing the opportunity to thank the Shromrim—unarmed volunteers who put themselves in harm's way and lend their time to fight burglary, vandalism and anti-Semitic attacks even though they don't have the power to make any arrests—in the most anti-semitic, trollish, ugly way imaginable: "He got caught by a bunch of smelly curly moyled bagel eating flem spitting want to be cops..ha ha ha..they prolly covered him with bagel scented flem as the gurgled HALT TEEFE..HALT>>YA CRRLOOOK>>>>OIY VAY>>>CALL DA CAWPS>>>."